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Understand and Support Ukraine.

Rose Designs/RDZNS are doing our best to spread real information and drum up support for Ukraine.

First and formost we wish to condem Putins senceless attack on Ukraine and the destablisation of the world based on his own childhood personal vendetta. We are still working on our blog platform but our writers have been busy documenting the warcrimes of vladmir putin. Our blog will also be used as a unblockable by russian black-outs in which will be diverted to russians via #Squad303 online tool. We as a Design and Developemnt collective assure you that are not politically or financially motivated, We and our teams connections with both sides I.T communities are truly saddend by the actions of one man that have the effect on not only his own people but those of another country. Stay tuned for the introduction of our blog.

As part of our interaction with the I.T Community of the world to support Ukraine and denounce Russia on all fronts we have been opperating socks5 poxies and helping by-pass black-out equiptment used by the russian Army. These are distributed through contacts through twitter freely and with the request to offer more people the connections. Good private network proxies provide increased safety for those using smart phones while in a warzone so people cant be geolocated.

In the time being we are currently only accepting limited job formats as we have hadnt planned on opening for business until the new tax year. We will only be offering limited services webstes. Prices start from £350GBP, £100 will be donated directly to the ukraine goverment. We will document all donations publically. Donations will be sent to organizations reccomended by @IAPonmarenko, For a truly eye opening insight into the #ukrainerussiawar please follow him on twitter, like his tweets and repost them. He truely is a politza price worthy candidate.

We're donating £100GBP from every website job for the entire 2022 to #SupportUkraine One page websites start from £350, basic branding included.

All graffiti is low-level dissent, but stencils have an extra history. They've been used to start revolutions and to stop wars


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